Social media and email marketing

Social media and email marketing

In an earlier blog it was mentioned that the real purpose of social media was to amplify marketing messages and to watch what content is being posted. However there seems to be rather a preoccupation with social media these days compared to other marketing methods.  The preoccupation could be because social media itself gets a lot of press, unlike a very effective activity – email marketing.   So how do social media and email marketing compare?

It is important to be active on social media but is only one element of an integrated marketing plan and it of course needs to be measured.  Both social media and email marketing need to be used as well as all the other channels to reap real results.

Email marketing has been around for a long time, long before the days of marketing automation which has in fact evolved from email marketing. Engaging via email enables a company to keep up the brand awareness because email arrives regularly into a potential or existing customer’s inbox. From your perspective, it is easy to see open and click through rates and discover what types of email messages get the best open and click through rates, thus an easy way to also improve marketing messaging.

​The open and click through rates depend on the sector in which you operate and because they aren’t necessarily very high it is important to build your customer list to ensure that the actual number of people opening and clicking on emails is high. You can use sign up forms on websites, tradeshows, competitions and other methods to build your list.  You can even buy lists from companies like Dunn & Bradstreet & Experian.  There are many email software packages on the market, that suit your budget and required functionality, and Mailchimp offers a free version if your customer list is under a certain size.

With social media it is also possible to see what content is working well and it undoubtedly helps drive traffic to your website.  Analytics tools are available so that you can see which posts received the most engagement and impressions.  It’s also possible to see at a glance how many times a post got retweeted or liked.

The conclusion – both social media and email marketing are effective marketing tools that used together help build brand awareness and generate leads.

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