6 tips to help get pr coverage

6 tips to help you get press coverage

PR coverage is an important marketing tool and not to be underestimated, although tracing it to inbound leads when considering return on investment (ROI) can be tricky. Cast your mind back to the early days of Facebook, how did you hear about it?  Word of mouth, the press?  It is therefore important to try and get coverage in the press to increase brand awareness.  Here are 6 tips to help you get press coverage:

  1. Make it easy for the journalist to find out about your story. Don’t add attachments into your email to journalists, just paste the whole press release and an image if possible into your email directly.
  2. Consider reaching more journalists via a distribution service such as PR Newswire. This company has a number of services which allows you to reach journalists worldwide.
  3. Build the relationship with key journalists. Show an interest in the journalist who is trying to write articles his/her audience are interested in. Pick up the phone to the journalist and get to know them.
  4. Don’t make your press release too salsey or boring. The launch of your new website isn’t going to be particularly interesting to a journalist.
  5. Link your press release to a hot topic. What are the readers of your target publications talking about at the moment, what is particularly topical? Try and find out and write about it in your press release.
  6. Last but not least, consider placing an ad in target publications to increase brand awareness.

When you have succeeded in getting coverage, a thank you to the journalist doesn’t go amiss.  These people receive hundreds of press releases a day.  One press article won’t necessarily have an impact on sales but all marketing activity can be tracked through the Cambridge Startup Help metrics tool which you can sign up for.

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