Marketing Strategy


Marketing strategy is where we start at Cambridge Startup Help as it is essential to understand market drivers and pains to engage successfully with customers.

We undertake desk research and face-to-face research with your potential customers to hear the language they use and understand the market as well as competitors.

Cambridge Startup Help has 10 years experience developing marketing strategy in the following areas:

  • Market surveys (e.g. focus groups)
  • Competitor intelligence
  • Market analysis
  • New product development research, ad research and brand research

If you wish to position your company effectively and make it stand out from the crowd, contact us for a free consultation.


Value for money


A decade of experience

Cambridge Startup Help has been working in marketing strategy for a decade.  It therefore has a track record of creating marketing strategy that achieves its aims through market research, analysis and competitor intelligence.

Through a good understanding of market drivers & customer pains, Cambridge Startup Help ensures your marketing hits the spot to attract interest and deliver leads.

We’ll look at your customer database, your competitors and markets and make recommendations.

Cambridge Startup Help has helped companies such as KPMG, Royal Mail and Frost and Sullivan on strategic projects as well as Cambridge companies.


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