Save time building your customer list

Save time building your customer list

Having recently advised a London based design agency on how to use its CRM software (customer relationship management software, i.e. its database) more effectively, it was refreshing to see that the MD had chosen a CRM that was going to save her time and therefore money.  So how do you save time building your customer list?

The Managing Director knew about the importance of growing her customer list and regularly marketing to it.  After all, the larger the funnel at the top, the larger it will be at the bottom. when a certain percentage of contacts convert into customers.

It can be time consuming getting contact names, dealing with spreadsheets, entering the contacts into the CRM, importing them into email software and checking they are correct.

So how do you save time on building your customer list?

The answer- use a CRM system that allows you to forward contact names from your gmail account via a bespoke link that the CRM gives to you when you set it up. This way the CRM gets populated automatically and stores the record of contact you have had with the prospect. Highrise does this and Hubspot also syncs gmail with its CRM. You will need to use custom fields or tags to record the sector for targeted marketing, but this can be done quickly and easily. Both these CRMs are also free and the complete list of contacts can be exported into email software. Both also have their own email packages within them that can also be used.

Another easy way to save time building your customer list is to have a sign up form on your site for your newsletter.  This can be automated with an email software package so that the person who signed up gets a thank you email and their name gets automatically pulled in to the email software so that you don’t have to manually enter the data.

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