Purpose of social media

What is the real purpose of social media?

There’s a lot of buzz around social media and with so many channels to consider, it’s easy to think that this form of marketing is difficult to manage let alone understand.  So what is the real purpose of social media? Well, it is to amplify your message/knowledge of your company. Treat it as another PR tool but to connect more directly with your potential customers.

Before you start using social media, do some research and find out who the influencers are and focus on encouraging them to share your posts.  Before you even start, it’s worth just watching what your target audiences are sharing because that’s the type of content they like.

If these people are retweeting your tweets, you are doing a good job. You can also track how many links you are getting from social media to your website, through Google Analytics.

There’s an old saying that ‘content is king’, this still holds true and it’s worth carefully considering what type of content you are going to share. It could be big news but be careful you are not using social media for sales messages.  It’s worth thinking before you start about what type of content you are going to share, which could be on a variety of topics.  You could design a pie chart helping you figure out what percentage posts you will dedicate to certain topics.  Using the hashtag you could soon become an expert in a particular area and then write a book on that topic.  Some of your posts can be entertaining, social media can be fun too.

At the end of the day your social media strategy needs to be aligned to your business goals. Getting the word out through key influencers is an excellent way to do this. It is one tool in the marketing armory toolkit besides many others.

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