Which marketing automation platform should you choose

Which marketing automation platform should you choose?

There are several marketing automation email platforms on offer today. But which marketing automation platform should you choose?

Just to clarify, marketing automation is when you receive an email based on an action you performed. If you click on a button in one email you may receive another email in a few days time, or even immediately such as a thank you message. If you visit a website often, you will probably find you get emails coming through more frequently. And if you go to buy something without actually completing the transaction, you may even get a special offer sent through.

Why is this? Because the marketing automation systems include a lead scoring system.

Marketing automation systems track your digital footprint.

So every time you visit a website, social media page or click on a button in an email, your digital footprint is being recorded. The more actions you take, the higher your digital score. Companies use this intelligence to send you more emails (usually promotional ones) to encourage you to purchase.

There are several systems on offer – Pardot, Dotmailer, Hubspot, Marketo, Infusionsoft, ExactTarget and Smarty.

The latter is a CRM, finance system and email system all rolled into one. If you are going to set up automation for your emailing, it’s best to stick to one as it can take a while to learn the system.  It will also take time to set up all the emails and the lead scoring, but it’s all worth it.

Marketing automation systems can however be expensive.  It’s worth thinking what else you might get into the mix and how many emails you plan to send or contacts you have as payment plans are often based on this.

You will also need to measure the results and find out if the encouraged behaviour really did work.

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