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How effective are press ads?

Metrics company Benchmarketing has analysed what happened when companies include press advertising in their media mix.  It looked at 500 econometric models, across a five-period.  So what was the conclusion?  Exactly how effective are press ads?  The answer – a company called Benchmarketing has discovered that adding newspaper ads dramatically increases the return on investment of other media.

Over half of the companies in the survey were in the services sector and these saw the effectiveness of their TV ads double, ROI of their overall campaigns treble and their online digital display ads enjoy a four-fold increase.  (Note, these companies are also probably doing a fair amount of other marketing activity at the same time, i.e. integrated marketing).

A press ad will reinforce the impact of any coverage gained in editorial if you have submitted a press release that results in an article being written.

Furthermore, running an ad will help ensure both sides of the brain are engaged.   This is because the right side of the brain looks at visual reference as a whole, whether it be a landscape, object, or piece of artwork, and then starts noticing finer details.

The left side on the other hand, first sees the details and puts them together to create the bigger picture.  Our brains use both of these sides, mixing and matching various elements for a fully-functional human brain. However, each of us has a dominant side that leans more towards the behaviours of that respected side.  Some people have a preference for the visual explaining why Instagram is so popular.

How effective are press ads for you?  One way of measuring their effectiveness is by using Cambridge Startup Help’s free metrics tool.  Several marketing methods are needed in place for success and the metrics tool enables you to track what activities lead to the best results.

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