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How Effective are Press Ads?

Metrics company Benchmarketing has analysed what happened when companies include press advertising in their media mix.  It looked at 500 econometric models, across a five-period.  So what was the conclusion? Exactly how effective are press ads?  The answer – adding newspaper ads dramatically increases the return on investment of other media.  It is therefore a good idea to use banner ads as part of your integrated campaign to raise the brand awareness of your company and bring in leads.


The ROI of your overall campaign can treble


Over half of the companies in the survey were in the services sector and these saw the effectiveness of their TV ads double, ROI of their overall campaigns treble and their online digital display ads enjoy a four-fold increase. (Note, these companies are also probably doing a fair amount of other marketing activity at the same time and have large budgets if they are doing TV ads).


Increase impact of your press release


A press ad will reinforce the impact of any coverage gained in editorial if you have submitted a press release that results in an article being written.

Furthermore, running an ad will help ensure both sides of the brain are engaged.   This is because the right side of the brain looks at visual reference as a whole, whether it be a landscape, object, or piece of artwork, and then starts noticing finer details.

The left side on the other hand, first sees the details and puts them together to create the bigger picture.  Our brains use both of these sides, mixing and matching various elements for a fully-functional human brain. However, each of us has a dominant side that leans more towards the behaviours of that respected side.  Some people have a preference for the visual explaining why Instagram is so popular.


Animated ads attract even more attention


Animated banner ads attract even more attention because the eye is drawn to something moving on the screen.  In fact a study by Adform discovered that such as animated HTML5 had 297% more viewers than traditional banners ads.  An animated banner ad can ensure your company delivers a more engaging customer experience.


The types of  banner ads that work


The types of banner ads that work for press ads to be effective are :

  • Eye catching
  • Timely
  • Personalised


This is what Google believes and shares 3 other principles for creating successful banner ads.  Banner ads are highly targetable.  This means you can put them in places where your customers go to consume specialised content.   They nonetheless need to be compelling, concise and clear.  The call to action on the ad needs to be short and succinct because there simply is not much space on the banner to fit a lot of text.  Consistent brand placement on each banner is also important.


Make the value proposition central


The design platform recommends that the value proposition is put in the centre of the banner.  They give an example in this post.  The logo and the call to action need to be in the same place if you are using another banner for your second animation.  It is recommended that the headline and body copy have different font sizes.  There are some great examples of subtle animation on the post.  The animation doesn’t detract from the message of the copy.


And it’s not just digital


It is not digital ads that help increase the ROI of your campaign but print ones too.  According to Guerillascope seeing an ad in a printed magazine gives readers a feeling of trust.  They say that ‘85% of UK adults agree with the following statement: seeing a brand or product in newsbrands ‘gives me confidence that it’s right for me.’

Running an ad may give the impression that your company is a more professional, serious player than your competitors.  Furthermore, an ad in a printed publication (especially a trade organisation edition) is likely to be read. So much time is spent nowadays on screens that printed content comes as a refreshing change.


Measure, measure, measure


How effective are press ads for you?  One way of measuring their effectiveness is by using Cambridge Startup Help’s free metrics tool.  Several marketing methods are needed in place for success and the metrics tool enables you to track what activities lead to the best results.

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