Features and benefits

Features and benefits. What’s more important?

When marketing your company’s products and services it is easy to focus on the features and benefits offered.

So what’s more important than features and benefits when doing your marketing?

The answer is easy – content marketing that connects with customers at an emotional level and an understanding of the pain experienced.

Connect with the pain

It’s quite easy to describe how your company is the best thing since sliced bread but actually convincing the customer can be a lot more difficult. A more effective way to engage with your customers is to connect with the pain they are going through and to connect with them emotionally.  This is more important than features and benefits.  

The latter are important but if you don’t engage with your customers’ pain you don’t really show that you understand them and you won’t be pushing their hot buttons.  At the end of the day you want them to take action and connecting with them emotionally will help drive the behaviour you wish to see.

Communicate through your branding

It is not just through marketing copy and strap lines that you can connect with your customers emotionally.  You can do so also through the look and feel of your branding.  

You will be communicating what your company has to offer, as well as your values through the design and by communicating with the emotions you will be creating the greatest impact as the Content Marketing Institute talks about in more detail.

One company which is successfully connecting with customers’ pain in a clear and simple way is Webuyanycar.com.  In one of its adverts it describes the alternative to going to Webuyanycar.com which is to sell the car yourself which is likely to be more lucrative.  The pain, nonetheless is the hassle and time of doing this.  

An example of connecting emotionally and showing features and benefits

Another good example is a broadband offer from EE.  Yes it lists all the features and benefits that you will get such as a free anti-virus software subscription + a £50 reward card but it’s last strap line is ‘It’s easy to switch’.  EE knows that this is the emotional pain customers perceive and shows it understands its customers.

Lastly, not only is it important to focus on connecting emotionally as well as features and benefits, it is crucial to position your company so that it highlights your unique selling points compared to your competitors.  More about this in a subsequent blog.


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