The Importance of the Funnel in Marketing

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There are lots of marketing activities to do, but which ones do you need to do to move your prospects through the marketing funnel and into sales?

Any marketing activity needs to be converting leads or moving them to the next part of the customer journey to have any chance in leading to sales.

Find out how to move your prospects through the marketing funnel in this FREE e-book that explains the importance of the funnel in marketing and how to move your prospects from leads to sales using a variety of different marketing methods.

Prospects typically need 7 touch points with a brand to retain it, so integrated marketing is important in order to reach out to them at the right place and the right time.

This e-book will tell you which forms of marketing content are most effective to drive your prospects through the marketing funnel.  You’ll also find out what will be needed from your sales team so you can work effectively together as a team to make those leads hotter.

In this e-book you will find out:

  1. Tips to move leads to hotter leads
  2. How to map the marketing funnel on to the buyer journey
  3. What content upgrades are and how you can use them to move prospects to the next stage
  4. How to find out what is working
  5. How to find out who your hotter leads are then move them to sales

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