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5 tips for effective content marketing

If you would like your content marketing to be great, here are 5 tips for effective content marketing to help make it 10x worth its value.  The tips were originally outlined on a Moz blog.

effective content marketing

Google changes its algorithm from time to time and it likes mobile friendly content.  It is therefore important to ensure your content is optimised for mobile, including tablets as well as smartphones.  It’s worth breaking up text which is easier on the eye too.

It is really important that your content connects with your audience at an emotional level, which means finding out customers’ emotional pains before you start writing. You will also need to offer trustworthy content, so it’s worth creating a couple of external hyperlinks to trusted articles in your blog and checking what sort of content people are generally searching for.  If you are going to write online, making it easy to find is important, making the whole process worthwhile.

Your content will need to be written in the tone of voice that is in keeping with your brand.  Some companies like to use a quite colloquial tone, others a more formal one. It goes without saying that ideally a friend or colleague should read your content to check for errors as it is common not to see your own mistakes.

If your content can answer a specific question, that’s great.  Google looks for these questions and answers in content and creates snippets, i.e. the boxed content that appears in search results.  If you can create a Google snippet, it will rank highly and people will find you.

A unique presentation style in keeping with your brand’s look and feel will help you stand out.  Video content is growing and will take a larger slice of the entire content pie going forward so it is worth considering this.  The additional benefit is that video on your site is good for SEO.  If you put it on YouTube you can easily embed it on your site, without the need for expensive streaming and you’ll get an external link into your site too (again good for SEO).

Effective content marketing can be achieved using the above tips, it’s all about constructing your content so that it is beneficial and SEO friendly too.

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