This is where you’ll find articles to help you understand marketing.


You’ll find out how to get leads and how to nurture them through the sales funnel.  There’s some case studies too so you can how other startups have got to where they want to be.


What’s your biggest challenge with marketing?

The Importance of the Funnel in Marketing

Understanding how the sales funnel works and how you can nurture prospects through it.

Content marketing
Lead generation

How to Change Your Marketing in Response to the Coronavirus

New strategies are needed to change your marketing in response to the coronavirus as outlined here.


Lifecycle Marketing through the Sales Funnel

How Sales and Marketing can work together with lifecycle marketing through the sales funnel.

Lifecycle marketing

Marketing Yourself in Your Pitch

Top tips for marketing yourself in your pitch as given by a panel of experts at the Cambridge Judge Business School.


The Repositive Journey – How Repositive Scaled up From 7 to 35 Employees

How Repositive got its first customers and the marketing methods it used to grow its business.


Lessons Learnt from Entrepreneur John Stapleton, Founder of New Covent Garden Soup

Top tips on how to grow sales of a product that is disruptive.


How to Run a Successful Social Media Campaign

How an e-bike company increased the number of commuters using its bikes through social media.

Social media

8 Tesla Marketing Strategies

Starting with a niche market, owning the value chain and making a super desirable product are some strategies Tesla has used to become successful.


Mapping the Customer Journey onto the Marketing Funnel

The types of marketing that can be used to move prospects through the next stage of the sales funnel.

Lead generation