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Conquer social media with these 5 tips

This post provides 5 tips to conquer social media.  If you find social media time consuming and a chore, these tips will help you become more effective and more in control:



  • Social media is all about sharing, so it’s important that your posts are not too salsey.  Aim for the majority of your tweets to be sharing other people’s content.  You can however have a take on that content and add your own views.  A minority of your posts can be promotional ones.


  • Use tools – there are lots of really useful social media tools to help save you time and find the right content.  They can auto schedule, stock up your content in a holding bay and optimise your content so you get the right amount of tweets you wish to use more than once.  Tools like Hootsuite, Tweet Jukebox and Klout will definitely help you save time, be more effective and ultimately conquer social media.  A certain amount of time also needs to be dedicated to analysing what is working for you and there are analytics tools within the social media packages as well as within the tools.


  • There are certain times of the day that are best to post on social media.  From 12-3pm is a good time for Twitter on Mondays to Thursdays, but it depends if you want shares or clicks.  The best times to post on LinkedIn are completely different.  Hubspot has produced an excellent infographic for best practice with regard to optimum times.


  • Post frequently – up to six times a day.  It doesn’t matter if you post something twice, no one will notice.  Six times may sound like a lot, but if you are using the tools, you can dedicate a couple of hours a week with planning and stocking up content, and it is a lot less laborious.  Some companies post up to 14 times a day on Twitter, others 3 times a day.  The most important thing is to post frequently and to be analytical, not only in terms of effective content within the social media platforms (impressions and clicks) but then going into your website analytics and seeing how much traffic it is bringing you and sales.


  • If you create lists (within Twitter) you can easily monitor the desired content of your target audience and what is getting the most shares.  This can be done from within the tools and on Twitter itself.

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