Connection between authors and businesses

The connection between authors and businesses

We’ve all heard the expression ‘Content is king’ but it really is when your business offers one product or service but makes an additional revenue stream from content. Here in Cambridge at least one company does this. It sells software and books at the same time, making money from its expertise.  This is the connection between authors and businesses and making money from content.

The company in question is also hot on blogging and has a number of separately branded sites and offers syndicated blogs to it via RSS feeds.

Content really is king for this company.

Authors could be blogging more often, creating separate websites for their fan bases – even a website for each book.  Once a reader gets an appetite for a certain author they can’t get enough of them.  As London Writer’s Club says – a website is crucial. This could provide additional revenue streams (perhaps via events and short stories) whilst they anticipate whether their next book will be accepted by publishers.

Becoming an expert on a certain area can lead to a book deal and there is always self-publishing.  Video is the natural sister of content and using YouTube is a great medium to extend content. Embed that video on your website and that’s good for SEO.

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