Funding sources for your cleantech company

Funding sources for cleantech companies


Are you looking for funding sources for cleantech companies?


Whether you are looking for pre-seed, Series A or B funding, there are lots of funding sources for cleantech companies now available to help you on your journey.


The article below gives information about the funding climate in general and a list of sources.


Microsoft and Amazon encourage confidence in the sector


When large corporates like Amazon and Microsoft announced available funds to make the planet greener it was seen as encouraging news for the cleantech sector.  This is the view of Shayle Kann, Managing Director of Energy Impact Partners and Abe Yokell, managing partner and co-founder of Congruent Ventures.  They discussed how the sector is faring since the pandemic in a recent Interchange podcast.




Deals bounce back since July 2020


Things looked bleak for entrepreneurs looking for funding for cleantech companies in the Spring of this year. According to figures from Crunchbase, venture capital deals were down 44 percent from March to June compared with last year. Seed-stage deals were affected the most, down nearly 60 percent. But Series B deals were also impacted. The funding environment was challenging for startups at any stage of funding. 


However deals are now finally coming back. Crowdfunding platforms like Seedrs which allow people to become investors in smaller, innovative companies with positive environmental aims may have helped things.  Investors on these platforms regularly cite social, economic and environmental reasons to invest.  Companies that have achieved an exit have used a range of funds including crowdfunding to obtain funding.




Smart investment firms are putting the planet at the heart of their strategies


According to The Daily Telegraph, smart investment firms are putting the planet at the heart of their strategies. At least 22 per cent of the UK asset management industry is now sustainably invested, according to a 2019 government report.


Despite its current economic woes, the UK has become more attractive to renewable energy investors according to EY’s latest Renewable Energy Country Attractiveness Index.  Greg Jackson, CEO at unicorn startup Octopus Energy, has said that “The energy market is worth $2 trillion, excluding petrol, diesel and oil. As we decarbonise transport, that’ll become a $4 trillion market. This is the biggest thing since the internet – and it might be bigger than that.”


Having previously warned that companies will “go bankrupt” if they don’t work towards net zero, Mark Carney, former Governor of the Bank of England. has stated that the transition to carbon neutrality represents “the greatest commercial opportunity of our time.”


There is also growing interest in ESGs which rose after Larry Fink, CEO of the world’s largest asset management company BlackRock announced that “sustainability- and climate-integrated portfolios can provide better risk-adjusted returns to investors.”


A range of funding sources for cleantech companies is available from large corporate funds to NGOs as well as investor panel pitching opportunities and accelerator programmes.  The latter often result in the organisers making funding available to a select number of participants.  There is also a list of funds, including government help in response to the coronavirus on the Oxfordshire Greentech website.


List of funding sources for your cleantech company



Name of fund/accelerator Details
EU Innovation Fund The first call will provide grant funding of €1 billion to large-scale projects for clean technologies to help them overcome the risks linked to commercialisation and large-scale demonstration.  Deadline 29th October 2020.
Norsken Foundation VC fund backing companies that, if successful, will become impact unicorns – massively profitable businesses that make a serious dent in the world – positively affecting 1 billion people.
Cambridge Cleantech Venture Week Apply to pitch to an investor panel looking for solutions in mobility, energy transition, smart cities and building tech,  circular economy, carbon reduction & water Resource.  Deadline 21st September.
Greenbackers Investment Capital Pitch opportunity taking place in November and May.  This pitch is open to all entrepreneurs from any geography seeking Seed Stage, Series A or Series B Funding.  Pre-Seed companies will not be considered.  Deadline for November pitching is 13th September.
Allia Future Business Centre and

DIF Capital Partners

6 month accelerator programme commencing in November with the chance of £25k in funding. Deadline midnight on 17th September.
Horizon 2020 Green Deal This call will be opening in mid-September and will close at the end of January 2021.  Projects are expected to deliver tangible and visible results relatively quickly and show how R&D initiatives can help meet the Green Deal main priorities.
Amazon Climate Pledge Fund Companies of all sizes and stages will be considered, from pre-product startups to well-established enterprises looking to scale.
Microsoft Climate Innovation Fund Criteria for receiving funding is impact, underfunded markets, shared alignment relevant to Microsoft’s core business and climate equity.
Phaze Ventures The SparkLabs Programme is run in partnership with Petroleum Development Oman The VC invests at the seed and Series A stage, with investments worth around $100,000 to $500,000 per company.
Greentech South Low Carbon Solent Project Grants of up to £25,000, postgraduate student projects, and innovation support and networking events.
Carbon13 Accelerator programme with a potential £75k of funding for cleantech startups that have the potential to reduce CO2 emissions by at least 8 million tonnes per annum.
Bethnal Green Ventures Potential £30k of funding in the accelerator programme.
Zero Carbon Capital VC funding for pre-seed and seed funding for companies meeting the predefined criteria.
Social Nest Raise X accelerator programme connecting startups to investors, deadline is 14th September.
Shaper Impact Capital Organisation connecting curated social impact investors, angels, and impact funds with curated social impact startups and social enterprises that are looking to further their impact.


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