Save time building your customer list

Having recently advised a London based design agency on how to use its CRM software (customer relationship management software, i.e. its database) more effectively, it was refreshing to see that the MD had chosen a CRM that was going to save her time and therefore money.  So how do you save time building your customer list? The […]

Social media and email marketing

In an earlier blog it was mentioned that the real purpose of social media was to amplify marketing messages and to watch what content is being posted. However there seems to be rather a preoccupation with social media these days compared to other marketing methods.  The preoccupation could be because social media itself gets a lot of […]

What can we learn about creativity from Daft Punk

Daft Punk Unchained was recently on Netflix and gave a great insight into how creative they really were. However it seems to have been carefully crafted, so what can we learn from about creativity from Daft Punk? The answer – don’t rush into anything. It took Daft Punk 4 years to produce Random Access Memories but they didn’t jump […]

Which marketing automation platform should you choose

There are several marketing automation email platforms on offer today. But which marketing automation platform should you choose? Just to clarify, marketing automation is when you receive an email based on an action you performed. If you click on a button in one email you may receive another email in a few days time, or […]

Connection between authors and businesses

We’ve all heard the expression ‘Content is king’ but it really is when your business offers one product or service but makes an additional revenue stream from content. Here in Cambridge at least one company does this. It sells software and books at the same time, making money from its expertise.  This is the connection between […]

6 tips to help get pr coverage

PR coverage is an important marketing tool and not to be underestimated, although tracing it to inbound leads when considering return on investment (ROI) can be tricky. Cast your mind back to the early days of Facebook, how did you hear about it?  Word of mouth, the press?  It is therefore important to try and […]

Purpose of social media

There’s a lot of buzz around social media and with so many channels to consider, it’s easy to think that this form of marketing is difficult to manage let alone understand.  So what is the real purpose of social media? Well, it is to amplify your message/knowledge of your company. Treat it as another PR […]