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John Williams Singapore


  • Provided integrated marketing activities to help his book reach #2 in the Amazon category for Business Life
  • Organised John’s book launch and secured speaking opportunities
  • Implemented metrics and assisted with marketing for his 30 Day Challenge coaching course

“I had a lot of fun at my book launch party last week with friends, family, my agent and publisher and other lovely people (all rather brilliantly organised by my assistant, Emma!)”

John Williams, Best Selling Author and Business Coach




John Williams is best-selling author of Screw Work Let’s Play.  He wished to maximise sales of his next book, Screw Work Break Free and encourage readers to participate in his 30 Day Challenge coaching course.

Cambridge Startup Help carried out several marketing tasks to achieve these goals such as:

  • Organising the book launch & speaking opportunities
  • Coordinating activities with the publisher, Penguin Random House
  • Liaising with the designer and organising marketing materials
  • Liaising with the social media specialist
  • Creating free resources
  • Updating the website & contacts in the CRM
  • Analysis of key metrics and social media activities
  • Setting up the partner marketing programme for the 30 Day Challenge
  • Setting up the technology platform used by the participants

It was a privilege to work for such a knowledgeable and successful business coach and author such as John – he is inspiring.  The book launch was held at We Work, a co-working business space in Holborn.

We measured the impact of all the marketing activities we carried out via a metrics spreadsheet and this enabled us to see what activities performed the best.  This provided great insights so that we knew where it was best to put resource into future activities.  Working with social media expert The Social Accelerators and Penguin Random House, good teamwork enabled us to successfully promote John’s book to reach #2 in the Amazon category for Business Life.

The 30 Day Challenge is a great experience for any budding entrepreneur.  We did a lot of email marketing and social media promotion to promote and it was very successful.  There were a great number of activities that needed to be done for both the book promotion and the 30 Day Challenge and John was constantly updated with the status of the activities so he could be confident they would get done.

John Williams