What can we learn about creativity from Daft Punk

What can we learn about creativity from Daft Punk?

Daft Punk Unchained was recently on Netflix and gave a great insight into how creative they really were. However it seems to have been carefully crafted, so what can we learn from about creativity from Daft Punk?

The answer – don’t rush into anything.

It took Daft Punk 4 years to produce Random Access Memories but they didn’t jump in and play at Coachella music festival straight away.

​It goes to show it is worth taking your time to get your strategy and approach to market right which gives time to explore creativity.

Did I say they were creative?

The creativity from Daft Punk was unparalleled. They weren’t just creative with their music, they turned their hands to film. They expanded their brand into other mediums and diversified. This is an important element of marketing success. Diversification increases revenue and retains brand interest.

This is important not just for businesses but for authors too. How can good content be extended to other mediums/products? Films, blogs, short stories, soft toys, bespoke events. something a little different etc. Of course it is good to focus on something you do best, but you only have to look at Richard Branson to realise there is strength in a brand with many different offerings.

Daft Punk also has a cracking brand identity.

I don’t think the band necessarily had a plan of what they wanted their brand image to be but they were interested in the millennium bug and in the beginning of 2000 they decided to become robots. This gave them an element of mystery but also gave them some anonymity. Perhaps they had been influenced by that great tune by Kraftwerk, ‘The Robots’.

A third point, that as a marketer I found particularly interesting is that they used billboard advertising such as the advertising created in the seventies.  Creativity from Daft Punk revealed itself in other forms.

Digital marketing is very important but traditional marketing still has its place. This means PR and advertising. After all it’s integrated marketing that gets the results, this involves a whole host of activities. They say that 7 touchpoints are needed with a brand to result in brand retention.

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