Marketing yourself in your pitch

Marketing yourself in your pitch, tips, potential questions and more In this blog you will learn best practice for marketing yourself in your pitch when seeking investment.  The tips and advice in this blog below are based on pitches that four early stage entrepreneurs gave to a judging panel at Enterprise Tuesday at the Cambridge Judge […]

Repositive journey

Background In this blog we explore the Repositive journey.  We find out how the Cambridge-based genomics data exchange scaled up from 7 employees to 35 employees.  Co-founder Adrian Alexa shares how much funding was required to build the business and the tricks and tips he recommends. What does Repositive do and how does it do […]

John Stapleton Eagle Labs

Background In this blog you will find out the lessons learnt from entrepreneur John Stapleton co-founder of New Covent Garden Soup Co and Little Dish. John founded New Covent Garden Soup (UK) (approx £22 million in sales when business sold).  He took it to the US -New Covent Garden (US) ($9 million in sales).  He also […]

How to run a successful social media campaign

In this blog we outline how to run a successful social media campaign without it necessarily going viral.   Objective In August 2018, Cambridge Startup Help worked with Cambridge Electric Transport to increase the number of people using the e-bike scheme in the Cambridge Science Park e-bike pilot to over 50 users. The e-bike scheme […]

8 Tesla marketing strategies any company can use

In this blog we outline 8 Tesla marketing strategies that any company can use to gain a competitive advantage.   Who is Tesla and what are the Tesla marketing strategies? Firstly some background information. Tesla is an automotive company known for its electric cars, lithium-ion batteries for energy storage and residential solar panels. The company […]

Customer journey

Mapping the customer journey onto the marketing funnel is crucial if you are to have any success in converting leads into customers. The importance of the funnel in marketing cannot be under stated. At any point of engagement with your prospect it is good to ask yourself the question: What stage is your prospect at […]

Organising a pop-up light cafe

Why I organised a pop-up light cafe? A few years ago during the winter I had an idea to set up a beach cafe rather than a pop-up light cafe. It was dark and dismal outside and I wanted somewhere to relax and brighten my mood. I asked friends about it who really liked the […]

New data protection rules GDPR

What is changing with the data protection rules – GDPR? We have outlined below some guidelines to show you how you can comply with GDPR, the new data protection rules which come into force in the EU on 25th May 2018.  The guidelines are based on information gathered at the Technology for Marketing & Advertising […]

Funnel blackboard

Why size matters with your funnel in marketing The importance of the funnel in marketing is not to be underestimated.  It goes without saying that the bigger the funnel at the top in terms of leads, the bigger it will be at the bottom.  A small number of leads will produce a small number of […]