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“Emma is a highly skilled marketing professional with the ability to acquire, analyse and use market research data to provide product innovation and feature optimisation.  She is energetic and prepared to take on all aspects of marketing needed by an early stage business.”  Martin Rigby, Investor

“Emma from Cambridge Startup Help has been working with us for over a year arranging events and sending newsletters which have been great in generating new business for us. Her contribution has been excellent. I would recommend her to any small business who is looking to grow.” Deepti Agarwal, CEO, Watermill Accounting

“Thank you for all your work on the launch. It went really well and you handled so many things that I then didn’t have to think about – which is a big help.”  John Williams, Best-selling author

“Great work on handling the social media accounts”. Cinthya Anand, Communications Manager, Cambridge Cleantech

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Help to find customers for startups and SMEs

Are you struggling to carry out all the marketing activities you need to do?  

Hello and welcome to Cambridge Startup Help.  If you are a startup or small business I help you get companies interested in your business and convert them into customers.  I do this by using integrated marketing activities like PR, content creation, social media, events and digital marketing.  I’ve been doing this for a long time – over 20 years.

I help communicate your vision and offering so that potential customers take action.

Below are some of the things I’ve been doing recently:
    • Increased the number of event sign-ups by over 400%
    • Got press coverage in customer target publications and on TV like BBC Look East
  • Sold out an event in 2 days
  • Got people interested and doing a brand new activity

Integrated marketing

Peace of mind that all your marketing activities are covered

Marketing is the life blood of a business and all the channels need to be covered for you to be successful, so you need to know what to do to have a chance of getting potential customers interested.

You might be asking yourself questions like:
    • How can I get my messaging right?
    • What should I do first as there are so many marketing activities to do?
    • How can I get the press interested in what I’m doing?
    • What do I need to do to keep my company top of mind?
    • How can I increase my social media following?
    • What is the best marketing method to use to get other businesses interested in me?
  • What is the most effective way to communicate to encourage action?

I help answer your questions and get the results you need to fulfil your business objectives. Some case studies can be read here to gain a flavour of the projects I’ve worked on and the results.

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