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Emma Stevens founded Cambridge Startup Help providing Cambridge marketing support to enable authors, startups and SMEs to increase their visibility and grow faster.  There is much to do in B2B marketing (email, social media, events, website updating, SEO, PR + strategic marketing) and it has evolved so much over the past few years that companies need to be covering all the marketing channels given that it is integrated marketing that achieves results.   Emma has over 20 years experience in strategic marketing, marketing communications and digital marketing providing a solid base to give the right advice and support.

Peace of mind that all your marketing activities are covered

Clients no longer need to worry about their marketing and can rest assured that the marketing activities carried out are effective.  At the end of the day its the results that count.

Emma helps companies free up their time to concentrate on what they do best, exploiting all marketing channels to achieve results.  Startups and SMEs benefit from peace of mind that all their marketing activities are covered.  Her focus is helping companies receive an increasing return on investment (ROI). Much of Emma’s experience has been helping technology companies but more recently also publishers and authors.

Delivering results with over 20 years experience

Emma has done the Chartered Marketer programme with the Chartered Institute of Marketing, has mentored two Cambridge Judge Business School students and is the author of a Financial Times Report – Character Licensing in Children’s Food and Drink.  More recently she has worked for a best-selling author and business coach, organised a large tradeshow and conducted a number of market research studies (quantitative and qualitative) for a major publisher.