Testimonials“Emma is a highly skilled marketing professional with the ability to acquire, analyse and use market research data to provide product innovation and feature optimisation.  She is energetic and prepared to take on all aspects of marketing needed by an early stage business.”

Martin Rigby, CEO, Psonar

“Thank you for all your work on the launch. It went really well and you handled so many things that I then didn’t have to think about – which is a big help.”
John Williams, Best-selling author





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Marketing support for B2B lead generation

Are you struggling to carry out all the marketing activities you need to do?  

Cambridge Startup Help is a Cambridge marketing agency offering over 20 years of integrated marketing experience to help businesses increase their visibility and the number of incoming leads. Its focus is continuing to improve the return on investment gained from marketing effort.

Recent successes include:
  • Increasing the number of event sign-ups by over 400%
  • Helping a design agency make more effective use of its database (CRM)
  • Helping a best-selling author get his book to #2 in the Amazon Business Life categ​ory and organising his book launch

Integrated marketing

Peace of mind that all your marketing activities are covered

Marketing is the life blood of a business and all the channels need covering to be successful.

Cambridge startups and SMEs benefit from expert advice and help with all your marketing activities:
  • Digital marketing – social media, website updates, email marketing
  • Event organisation
  • Direct mail
  • PR
  • Advertising
  • Strategic marketing – market research and analysis

Read these case studies for examples.


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